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#1 Posted : Saturday, October 21, 2017 8:21:39 AM(UTC)

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Here is the article on the above topic as published on AHF BLOG?

"How to earn money & how much money you can make by upgrading on OPA?
Posted on August 17, 2017 by admin

Hello Everyone!

Once again I am back to discuss here today all about OrganicProfitAds. Many users asks me the same question to me as “how to make money with the system of OPA and how much money can be made by upgrading membership of accounts on OrganicProfiAds?” So I have decided to talk in more detail about this topic now on AHF Blog.

First of all, one must understand that the Revenue sharing site is entirely different from a HYIP where the investors just invest money and will get a fixed % of daily profit or short term guaranteed profit for holding your investments there in you accounts. But in Revenue Sharing programs members are automatically become Buyers of Advertisement Packages or the Advertisers in other words. As soon as you buy Ad Packs you will get a compensation ad campaign package for each Ad Packs you buy that is delivered virtually and instantly with which you can run your own ad campaigns on the service platform of OPA. And the revenue that is generated on this platform by means of revenue models such as Ad Packs, Banner Ads, CPA/GPT, Affiliate networks, Login Ads, etc., is split automatically among the users who bought ad packs on daily basis from the pool balancing that is in 30 days division of profit distribution in OrganicProfitAds. Here to earn daily profits in your account you must click 10 ads daily to get it credited for the next day and in case if you missed a day to click the ads the amount is carried forward to the next days’ pool so it means that you will get the money crediting only if you keep clicking the ads every single previous days. This is how you earn with OPA as a Revenue Sharing Program with Revenue Ad Packs which ranges from Standard, Bronze, Silver & Golden Ad Packs that returns you back 110% to 125% ROI. OrganicProfitAds also offers Referral Upgrade Commission from 2% to 5% with a Ad Pack referral purchase commission of 5% equally on all ad packs for all types of memberships. Clicking on all available cash links is an another source to make 50% of self-click earnings and 50% of referral click commissions. Buying Cash Links would be a best advertising strategy here for those who focus on more conversion rates for their ad campaigns. Other best method of earning an extra commission along-with all the above said commissions is to become a Social Representative of OPA for your own region or country. Apply here to become a precious stone in the crown of OPA!


Coming next to reply the question on upgrades how it brings more profit and the system it works with. I would like to mention here that upgrading your account paves way for earning the highest ROI from 115% to 125% on Ad Packs and from 3% to 5% Referral Upgrade Commissions unlike Standard members. But this is absolutely not for letting you earn any guaranteed or fixed more profits comparatively and not only that how much money here you can make completely depends on your own potential in terms of self investments and/or in terms of your promotional ability or activity to target on more referral commissions.

Upgrading suits the best for those who can either buy more ad packs for self-achievement and/or for who will be able to bring in buyers under them to earn you better commissions if they upgrade their accounts or buying Ad Packs as a down-line. In my personal opinion, I suggest you guys, if you are just a self-earner and not much a Great-promoter as well as if you are a small investor who could buy only from 1 to 50 Ad Packs then stay as a Standard Member itself to earn 10% profit on ad packs which is not a bad one to profit from. Not only that adding your ad packs to a Custom Group would be a wiser idea for Accelerating the profit faster than normal as a Free Member.


If you are a Medium Investor or a Great Investor looking for self earnings by your own investments and/or if you are a Great-promoter too then you are advised to go for an upgrade of your choice. But in case if you are just a self-earner and not a great-promoter then choose to buy the following number of ad packs accordingly; Choose Bronze Membership if you could buy 50-100 Ad Packs, Silver for you could buy 100-200 Ad Packs and Gold for if you could buy 200+ above Ad Packs. Remember another point also that if you are well-confident of being a Great Promoter online then you would be able to go for any membership no constraint as you could make the profits very easily. OrganicProfitAds is working with combined group system named AUTOMATIC + CUSTOM GROUPS system with which the profit speed is accelerating up to 25% individually on both groups respective of how many active ad packs one has in his/her account by self to fall in AUTOMATIC GROUPS and/or how many ad packs you have grouped under appropriate category of CUSTOM GROUPS in which you added your active ad packs manually on your own self interest or on an invitation from a member to join a specific Custom Group created by him/her. In simple words Joining in Custom Groups helps you get back your ROI faster so you will be able to repeat the cycle for many times to earn more profits before your upgrade plan expires. Another best idea to save some money on upgrades is to go for long term memberships like 180 days or 360 days instead of just 30 days. The choice is yours!"


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